Sunday, 28 August 2011

US Open pictures

As said a few days ago, here are pictures from the US Open, 2009.

This is the globe at the front of the site of the US Open(left) and a fountain(right)

This is the plaque on the trophy showing past singles winners. We'll be waiting at least 2 weeks to find out who will become the 2011 champion.

And this is the trophy.

Shown here is the famous Arthur Ashe court at Flushing Meadows, with a massive capacity of 23,000 people

These two pictures show other courts at the site of the US Open.

Nadal has just hit a forehand and here you can see his follow through.

And Nadal again this time in an interview after winning his match.

Now we have Federer after a serve.

Predictions for the US Open will come out later today and very soon, I will also add the draws.

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