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Tennis Olympic Games Past Winners - men

Tennis at the Olympic Games has had a strange history, at first there were two bronze medalists because there was no 3rd place play off, but this was stopped after a few years, it was later re-adopted. Between 1928 and 1984 tennis at the olympic games was stopped, except for a few exhibitions and demonstrations in 1968 and 1984. No player has ever won the Olympic Games twice. Here is the table of past winners at the Olympic Games.

Tennis Olympic Games Past Winners - Men
Gold Medalist
Silver Medalist
Bronze Medalist
Athens 1896
John Boland
Dionysios Kasdaglis
Konstantinos Paspatis
Momclio Tapavica
Paris 1900
Laurence Doherty
Harold Mahony
Reginald Doherty
Arthur Norris
St Louis 1904
Beals Wright
Robert Le Roy
Alphonzo Bell
Edgar Leonard
Athens 1906
Maxime Decugis
Maurice Germot
Zdenlek Zemla

London 1908
Arthur Gore
George Caridia
Josiah Ritchie

London 1908
Josiah Ritchie
Otto Froitzheim
Wilberforce Eaves

Stockholm 1912
Andre Gobert
Charles Dixon
Anthony Wilding

Stockholm 1912
Charles Winslow
Harold Kitson
Oskar Kreuzer

Antwerp 1920
Louis Raymond
Ichiya Kumagai
Charles Winslow

Paris 1924
Vincent Richards
Henri Cochet
Umberto De Morpurgo

Mexico 1968
Manuel Santana
Manuel Orantes
Herbert Fitzgibbon

Mexico 1968
Rafael Osuna
Inge Buding
Vladimir Korotkov
Nicola Pietrangeli
Los Angeles 1984
Stefan Edberg
Francisco Maciel
James Arias
Paolo Cane
Seoul 1988
Miloslav Mecir
Timothy Mayotte
Stefan Edberg
Bradley Gilbert
Barcelona 1992
Marc Rosset
Jordi Arrese
Andrei Cherkasov
Goran Ivanisevic
Atlanta 1996
Andre Agassi
Sergi Bruguera
Leander Paes

Sydney 2000
Yevgeny Kafelnikov
Tommy Haas
Arnaud Di Pasquale

Athens 2004
Nicolas Massu
Mardy Fish
Fernando Gonzalez

Beijing 2008
Rafael Nadal
Fernando Gonzalez
Novak Djokovic

London 2012

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