Monday, 15 November 2010

ATP World Tour Finals, Players

On this post I will be looking over the players who will play at the O2 next week, their record at end of year tournaments and their chance of victory this year.

The pictures shown are made by the players hitting tennis balls into the painting and are being auctioned on e-bay. The money will go to charity.

1.)Rafael Nadal

Best result:Semi-Finals(2006 and 2007)

2009 result:Group Stages(lost all three matches)

Win-Loss ratio:4-7

Win Percentage:36.36%

Summary:Rafael Nadal maybe world number 1 and has just finished his best year to date, however, he is not in good form, due to fatigue and injury, after a long season and has never been at his best form in the ATP World Tour Finals.

My Prediction:If he is not hampered by injury I think he will make the Semi-Finals.

2.)Roger Federer

Best result:Winner(2003, 2004, 2006, 2007)

2009 result:Semi-Finals

Win-Loss ratio:29-7

Win Percentage:80.56%

Summary:Roger Federer is in great form and is usually one of the few players who doesn't suffer fatigue at the end of the season, allowing him to have excellent results here. This is his 9th year in a row qualifying for the ATP World Tour Finals and has only exited at the Group Stages once.  

My Prediction:Runner-Up

3.)Novak Djokovic

Best result:Winner(2008)

2009 result:Group Stages

Win-Loss ratio:6-5

Win Percentage:54.55%

Summary:Novak Djokovic has qualified for the 4th year in a row exiting in the group stages 2 of those times. He showed good form in 2008 and will be looking to get past the group Stages this year

My Prediction:Group Stages

4.)Robin Soderling

Best result:Semi-Finals(2009)

2009 result:Semi-Finals

Win-Loss ratio:2-2

Win Percentage:50.00%

Summary:Soderling has only played once and made the Semi-Finals that time. He is currently in great form, coming into the tournament after his first ATP Masters 1000 win.

My Prediction:Winner

5.)Andy Murray

Best result:Semi-Finals(2008)

2009 result:Group Stages

Win-Loss ratio:5-2

Win Percentage:71.42%

Summary:He has not impressed at the end of year tournament but the British crowd will be expecting him to do well this year.

My Prediction:Group Stages

6.)Tomas Berdych

Best result:never played

2009 result:never played

Win-Loss ratio:0-0

Win Percentage:never played

Summary:Berdych has qualified for the first time in his career but has been in terrible form in the build up to this tournament.

My Prediction:Group Stages

7.)David Ferrer

Best result:Runner-Up(2007)

2009 result:Did not play

Win-Loss ratio:4-1

Win Percentage:80.00%

Summary:Ferrer has only qualified once, 3 years ago, and performed very well, he is also currently in good form.

My Prediction:Semi-Finals(maybe Finals if he has right draw)

8.)Andy Roddick

(Painting not made yet)

Best result:Semi-Finals(2003, 2004, 2007)

2009 result:Retired due to injury

Win-Loss ratio:8-8

Win Percentage:50.00%

Summary:Andy Roddick has qualified for the 8th time in a row but has never shown good form here. He has gone out at the group Stages 3 times and retired due to injury 2 times.

My Prediction:Group Stages

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  1. i've never heard a prediction like that. Soderling to win the title...:)) ROGER WON BECAUSE HE IS THE BEST