Monday, 10 January 2011

Competition 2011

As some of you may know last year we had a competition, in which you had to guess who won each match in tournaments. This year it is back! However the competition will only be done for ATP 500 and ATP 1000 events as well as Grand Slams and the year end tournament for men's tournaments and for women's all tournaments which give the winner around 500 or more points.

The rules will also be changed slightly, meaning more points will be given for bigger tournaments. 


For a draw of 32, each correct winner in the 1st round will get 1 points, each correct winner for round 2 will get 2 points, each correct winner of a Quarter Finals will get 4 points, each correct winner of a Semi-Finals will get 8 points and if the winner is predicted correctly then a massive 32 points will be given.

For a draw of 64 the points double in each round starting at round 1, where you gain 1 point for each correct winner and 32 points if you correctly predict the winner.

Finally for a draw of 128, which is only for Grand Slams, you get 1 point at round 1 and it progressively doubles so if you guess the winner correctly you gain 64 points.

note: For the end of year tournament special rules will be made.

This point system means that if you guess the winner at a Grand Slam you will not only get 64 points but you will also gain points from previous rounds, so from this player alone you will gain 1+2+4+8+16+32+64 points, which is 127 points, this will be added up to all the other points you may have gained.


If you would like to participate in this competition e-mail me at because I will need to send you the draw so you can participate. 

For each tournament from now on I will make the draw for it. When the draw comes out I will send you the empty draw, if you have asked, and you will fill each box with your prediction for who you think will win each match, then you can send it back to me so that I can award points during the tournament. The predictions have to be sent back to me before the first match at the tournament.


The person with the most points in each tournament will have the option to write something to do with tennis, which will be published onto my blog, this may include views and at the end you may put a link to your website, blog etc if you want to so that more people will find you. This is completely optional and there is no obligation to do this.

The first tournament on the competition is the Australian Open next week, starting 17th of January.

For an example look at last year's competition. COMPETITION 2010.


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