Saturday, 1 January 2011

Abu Dhabi 2011 Finals LIVE scores

Federer vs Nadal - 6-7(4), 6-6(3-4)

Federer starts very well with the first 6 points to hold to love and be 0-30 up on Nadal's serve, but Nadal responds by winning the next 5 points in a row and holds, Federer hits back with a long rally and an ace to go 30-15 up and two more rallies lead to 40-30 and Federer takes the next points to take the lead.

Federer starts with a strong winner, after a long rally but Nadal takes the next three points, with some good shots and his first ace but a Nadal error makes it 40-30 and Nadal finishes the game with a strong forehand.

The game quickly moves to 40-15 and Federer finishes the game straight after.

Some quick rallies and serves move the score to 30-15 and a Nadal mistake to 30-30 but a mistake from Federer and offensive play by Nadal, allows him to finish the game with a volley.

Federer takes the first point, after some net play by both players and a mistake and winner by Federer makes it 30-15. Nadal then challenges a call and gets it right, followed by a mistake from Nadal after Federer goes on the defence, Federer then finishes the game with a winner.

Nadal takes his first love service game, with some brilliant shots.

Sorry for not doing anything for a while but I had a problem with the computer, which I think has been fixed

Nadal takes the first point but Federer takes the next four and stays in the match.
6-7(4), 5-5

The game starts with a fantastic rally, which Nadal takes with a volley and takes the next point as well, Federer responds by winning in another close rally. Nadal takes the next point, followed by Federer taking the next, after a rally of slicing. Nadal closes out the game with an ace.
6-7(4), 5-6

Federer takes the first 3 points but Nadal takes the next point. Federer takes the match to a tie breaker in the next points.
6-7(4), 6-6

Nadal takes a mini break already.
6-7(4), 6-6(1-2)

Nadal takes the first point with offensive play and then a good serve gives him the second to solidify his lead.
6-7(4), 6-6(1-4)

A good serve and volley off the second serve gives him the first point on his serve and a nadal error gives him the second.
6-7(4), 6-6(3-4)

A good serve forces Federer into an error gives Nadal the first point and the second is won by great offensive play by Nadal to give him 3 championship points.
6-7(4), 6-6(3-6)

Federer hits a ball, which is called out, and could have challenged. Match Nadal!

6-7(4), 6-7(3)

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